by Ratfeast

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Call. A Calling from the deep. Awake from twilight sleep. Slaves of the unholy reign. Writhing in endless pain. Time. It’s time to wield the blade. Death for the killing’s sake. Death. Is here to take its toll. With vengeance heads will roll. Communion of villains. Torturers of the living. Killing hordes of damnation. No mercy, no salvation. Heads keep rolling. Can you hear their battle cry? Heads keep rolling. They are screaming “Bastards, fucking die!” Time. Your time is running out. Endlessly thrashing around. Slay. Punish their foes with wrath. Skulls and bones pave their path.
Golgotha 02:47
New age wasteland. A world has moved on. Civilization. A new dawn. Three you have to take for the sake of the one. Relicts to decode of the prophets that are gone. Gone away. Deep in the desert. Cards have been set. What is to sacrifice. Bringer of death. Stare in the eyes of Golgotha. There are other worlds than these. Ancient connections that hold the truth. Push to the center. Prevail to lose.
Scum 03:05
You fucking shithead. Waving new flags of old means. Sucking the idiots trust. I hope you all die a thousand deaths. Perverted minds. Propagate supremacy. Like a fucking pack of victims. Get the fuck off our streets. You will burn in the fire of damnation. Your guts will turn to dust. So will your thoughts and ideals. Forever trapped in oblivion. Aryan bastard. 80 years and still no lesson learned. No reflection never told you. That you’re just set to fail. Just kill yourself. Make this world a better place. This fist isn’t afraid to hit. Fascist piece of shit.
The cancer grows stronger. Corrupting the core. All battles have been lost. Except for this war. A bane of existence. A cure for the dead. A falling resistance. A gun at my head. There’s no salvation that comforts me. Set me free. Can you hear the funeral dirge? Life is a deadbed curse. It’s been a long lonely ride. Going down this dark and crooked mile. I carry hate in every vein. Sweet relief, self-inflicted pain. It’s been a long lonely ride. Let me die just a little tonight. A bane of existence. A cure for the dead. A falling resistance. A song of death that never ends.
Trepanation 03:25
Let us open your head. See what’s inside. Leave your life behind. Let your brain spread. Bow down to the drill. That forces free will. Your brain is dead. Mind full of shit. Shut up and commit. Let your skull crack. Listen to the creack. Watch your blood stream. Live sucks for sure. World’s fucked. Need a cure. Brain dead. The drill is the answer. Trepanation. The holy ghost infects your brain. Let wisdom in. Kill your god. Open your third eye. Gain the insight. Reach for nothing.
Slow Death 02:21
Through bloodshed eyes I see the days. Cold sweat fever crawls up on me. I kill my pride with shaking hands. Wash myself in acid rain. The world grows distant. I’m my own prey. Sickness that’s flowing through my veins. On rock bottom I’ll find my luck. Another glass will bring me back on top. Pitch black silhouettes clouding my mind. Moments of clarity I left behind. Kill all life inside of me. Oh sweet mother of agony. Grab me a new one till I hit the floor.
Cops 00:36
Fuck you.
This routine breaks my spine. With bony hands ‘round my neck. Trapped in a maze crippled and broken. I just wanna break free from it. Leaving all the fuck behind. “I’d rather burn out than fade away.” So I keep on counting days. Hoping for a kick in my back. Rise up, fall down. This cycle outlives us all. Rise up, fall down. Repeating that same old song ever and ever again. Like programmed tools on repeat. Searching for purpose and destiny. Depravity takes human form. Smartphone sporting human corpses waiting for the weekend bliss. Stop choking on my own haze. Living life without regrets.


All songs have been written from July to September 2017. Recorded and mixed by Jan Hængerson at Lazy Studios in October 2017. Mastered by Alex Beer. Artwork by Rosa Hausmann. Music and Lyrics by Ratfeast.


released February 2, 2018


all rights reserved



RATFEAST Bielefeld, Germany

3 metalheads trying to play crust.

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